Sunday, January 10, 2021

Gravity Duck 64

In this short text I would like to tell you how I end up doing Gravity Duck 64 project.
At start I must confess that I am a maker. I have electronic engineering background. Making my creations was always my hobby. Most of time I make electronics especially visually attractive stuff. I like programming micro controllers, building robots. I have big sentiment to some old 8 bit computers especially for Commodore 64 which was my first computer that I own. I learnt programming on this device. Even today I have fully working moded C64 with 1541II disk drive and MPS 803 printer. More information about my C64 you can find here:

Everything started from original game developed by Woblyware. This great game idea keep me playing till I ended it. Simple unique game play was a key for keep me engaged.
You can check original game here:

Meantime in my mind born idea that this game could be ported to C64. Gameplay take place on single not scrolled screen so it should be easy to do on C64. I make games for a living but always have a dream to make C64 game. So this is how I started my spare time project called Gravity Duck 64.

Current gameplay preview:

Original game:

I started with experimenting with the art style and look of the game. Below you can find my experiments with it.

I decided to go with hires graphics and multilayered multiplexed sprites (hires + multicolor) for each character in game. Below you can find final bacground for the game.

Next was a sprite myltiplexer that support double layer sprites.

Next I designed sprites for the game.

Main engine of the game is ready and I hope that more elements of the game will be ready soon.